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Who we are.

Man and woman on a bike in a lavender field

Meet Maggie and Joe, the spirited duo affectionately known as Carl and Ellie, that turned a dating app match into an epic adventure full of laughter, mishaps, and countless boyshorts stories. In the summer of 2019, these two unique souls crossed paths on a dating app – a modern love story that began with a swipe and a shared sense of humor. She, a self-care aficionado on a journey of healing, and he, a mischief-seeking partner in crime, instantly clicked. Their first date? An unforgettable escapade that included a farmers market spree, a charcuterie board picnic, and a concert in the park. Little did they know, the real adventure would start with an unexpected boyshorts purchase after a comical mishap. Who knew undergarments could play a pivotal role in love stories? As their relationship blossomed, so did the laughter and the inevitable rollercoaster of ups and downs. Their first joint expedition involved a weekend getaway in an RV, parked on someone's property, and exploring the enchanting ruins of Overlook Mountain House. It was a weekend filled with spontaneous moments, shared snacks, and a realization that they were the ultimate team when it came to tackling new adventures. From boyshorts blunders to exploring historic ruins, Maggie and Joe continue to traverse the winding road of life with humor, resilience, and an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. Buckle up, folks – this dynamic duo is just getting started on their laughter-infused journey together! 🚀

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